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09:04pm 08/02/2006
  FMLA Minutes 2/7/06

Sex Toy Party- March 16th (Thursday)
Alana reserving 2 room for 6-9 pm
Need to do: flyers, tabling (for Tues and Wens)
-get groups to table

Love Your Body night w/ speaker Karen Smith (Tuesday)
Date moved to April 4th to allow more time for planning.
Anticipate for evening 5-6pm
- will contact various groups on campus and in the
philadelphia community to table at th event

Black History Month
- Spike Lee’s “School Daze”?
- “Love, Labor, Loss”?
- Speakers- authors of “Crown” or “Queens”?

Other Speakers:
Damon Abersey (Title IX)
Dr. Wellington (Roe v. Wade)
09:02pm 08/02/2006
  TFMLA Minutes- 1/31/06
First Meeting of the Semester

New Officers:

Lauren- President
Samantha- Vice President
Meg- TSG Representative
Tess- Community Outreach Representative


Love Your Body Week w/ Karen Smith
Thursday 2/16- 5:00pm
Need Co-Sponsors
Tess- Women’s Studies Dept.
Marissa- Circle K
Rebecca- Common Ground

Sex Toy Party- late March
Alissa is contacting speaker

African American History Month
Samantha looking into co-sponsoring w/ a
traditionally African American sorority

Damon Abersey – helped develop Title IX- possible speaker
Looking for Co-Sponsors

Village Meeting:

Leadership Conference- 2/18/06, 9am-5pm
All day intensive w/ 15 workshops- Free breakfast and lunch!
You get Diamond Points.

Memorable Moments- visits to community centers and free
diner in an ethnic resturant
Temple buses pick up at 5:30pm and get back btw 9-10pm
Sign up on 1st come, 1st serve bases
China- 2/23, France- 3/23, Portugal- 4/13


Office: A350, everybody should spend time there!
Possible Decorating Party in the future

Future social event- Movie Night

Marissa is making palm flyers for our meetings
01:57pm 09/11/2005

Things to do:

Make Flyers: Alissa (avlad@temple.edu)

Make palm flyers: Alissa

Contact Temple organizations: Samantha to make press release, 2 versions, one Temple one for non-Temple (Sare.score@temple.edu), Jessica (jlwhite@temple.edu) will look up Temple organizations in organizational booklet and e-mail them to Samantha.

Contact non-Temple organizations: Samantha (samantharh@aol.com) and Lauren (lwollack@temple.edu) Organizations: Diana Circle (Samantha), PPSP (Alissa/Lauren), Penn for Choice (Jess), F-Word Mag (Jess), Mazzoni center (Tess), Philly AIDS Fund (Jess), Local FMLA’s (Jess)

Reserve Tables: Alissa and Jeff, Monday November 28, SAC 10-3, Tuesday November 29, SAC 10-3

Coordinating Tabling Schedules: Marcus (duren@temple.edu) - Monday, Carrie (tua03523@temple.edu ) and Jessica -Tuesday

Member Responsibility Coordinator: Samantha

Contact Department heads: Ashley, departments- Women’s Studies, Poli Sci, History, Religion, Public Health, Social Work, Pre-Med, African American Studies, Asian Studies

Contact Speaker: Lauren

Coordinate Flyering: Alissa and Lauren

III. Community Service

- Planned Parenthood asked us if we would like to help handwrite postcards to send our urging people to contact their senators telling them not to approve Alitto for Supreme Court. We can either take post cards home or come into PPSP and fill them out there. Alissa will contact Melissa at PPSP to find out when we can come in. We may also volunteer with a Mazzoni Center event. Look for more info soon.